A Exclusive Membership Group for Owner Brokers or Managing Brokers

Many Brokers Want...

>> More Revenue

>> More Talent

>> Faster Response Time

Our Performance Group was designed to assist you to achieve these results and More. The Center For Sales Performance did the research and development bringing you this radical new approach.

If you desire More Revenue, more talent and faster response times, or even more free time, then joining the Consortium might be the place for you.

Through our advanced services and technology you separate yourself from your competition. Imagine a scalable way to bring in potential customers, process them quickly and your biggest problem is to find and keep the talent to manage your growth...

Our Members Have an Enormous Advantage.

And we keep it that way. Only one Member per geographic area (population up to 500K). This gives you both the ability to compete and win and that is exclusive to you.

First things first. We need to see if your area is already claimed or available. Please fill in the form and click the green button. Then check your inbox.

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